What Sets Us Apart

A Healthier You!
We provide the best orthodontic treatment we are capable of, for every patient, every time. We utilize the best materials and technology available. Our treatment plan exceeds the traditional orthodontic goal of straight front teeth to include a balanced profile, relaxed musculature, even contacts with the jaw joints centered in the sockets and eccentric guidances on anterior teeth while also providing you the best airway possible without surgery.

In addition to the fundamental orthodontic structures; Dr. Chmura also assesses how you’re sleeping, whether or not you have headaches, or chronic pain because these issues affect our patients overall health and quality of life. We have the latest technology to look at the fundamentals listed above in 3D to diagnose and treat with the highest level of precision. 

We are a team of ethical, highly motivated achievers. We work together with excitement, harmony, and integrity in ways that attract other excellence-driven professionals. Each member of our team is completely committed to excellence and will courageously accept nothing less from themselves or their teammates.

Continuing education is a high priority. We invest time and resources to hone our professional skills. Our systems allow us to anticipate and handle all details to provide the best results. We continually adjust systems to keep us on the cutting edge. We learn something new every day.

We make sure all who come in contact with our team receive a "WOW" experience; so unique, fun, and exceptional that they recommend our office to their family and friends.

Giving Back to Those Who Support Us
We are blessed with special talents and abilities and we have an obligation to "give back" to the community, which supports us. We will, individually and as a team, support activities that improve our community. As ambassadors of our practice, we acknowledge that maintaining an image of professionalism and integrity is essential both in and out of the office.

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